In China, Tesla (TSLA) sets a new record, culminating in a big delivery expectation beat

Tesla has set an astonishing new delivery milestone in China, which has played a significant role in the automaker’s big delivery expectation beat in the previous quarter, according to the company. When Tesla revealed that it had shipped a new milestone of 241,300 electric vehicles in the previous quarter, 20,000 higher than analysts had predicted, it was evident that the company’s outstanding success in China was the driving force behind the new record. When Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared at the company’s shareholders meeting a few days later that the Gigafactory Shanghai has now outperformed the Tesla Fremont Factory in terms of vehicle production output, it was essentially a confirmation.

Nonetheless, the company’s performance in China has now been confirmed by official figures. In a statement released, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) announced that Tesla China sold 56,006 electric automobiles in September. Those figures represent a new record, surpassing the previous one set just a month earlier. Of the 56,000 Tesla automobiles manufactured in China, only a little more than 4,000 were exported. Tesla China sold 44,264 electric vehicles in August, and the automaker delivered 32,968 electric vehicles in July, according to the company’s sales figures.

While sales increased in August and July, the majority of those transactions were for export to foreign countries. According to CPCA registration data, a total of 133,238 vehicles, or 55% of Tesla’s total global quarterly deliveries, were delivered in China in the first quarter of 2018. Even though the country’s larger auto market was down 17 percent last month, Tesla experienced development in China last month.

Such an achievement demonstrates the significance of the Chinese market for Tesla and electric cars in general at this point in history. It’s crucial to understand that Tesla manufactures vehicles for export out of the Gigafactory Shanghai at the beginning of each quarter, which implies that domestic sales in China will be significantly lower this month and also in November. The question is whether or not Tesla can sustain a similar overall output of roughly 50,000 units each month out of China throughout those months when the company is exporting to other countries. For anyone interested in gauging the demand for Tesla automobiles in China, they’ll have to wait till December because that’s the month in which Tesla will concentrate its production for local delivery.

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