The Sejong-1 satellite will be launched by Hancom Group in 2022

Hancom InSpace (Chief Executive Officer Choi Myungjin), a subsidiary of Hancom Group (Chairperson Kim Sang-Cheol), will deploy Korea’s inaugural private satellite for the Earth observation in the first part of 2022, in collaboration with Spire Global, which is a prominent US space satellite data firm. Hancom Group is going to be the very first non-governmental organization in South Korea to launch a satellite weighing under 100 kg into space as a result of this event.

“We will dominate the Korean space business as the international space industry enters a private-led ‘new-space’ era,” said Choi Myungjin, Chief Executive Officer of the Hancom InSpace. “The worldwide image data service industry is predicted to increase dramatically from KRW81 trillion current year to about KRW100 trillion in the year 2024, and the Hancom Group is going to continue to push for daring differentiation approaches and investments to establish an advantage in infrared image/electro-optical data service market,” says Hancom Group.

The world’s first three-tiered image data service belt for remote sensing.

Hancom Group will finish the first stage in constructing a global remote sensing data service belt by launching Sejong-1, which will use satellites and drones fitted with ultra-high-resolution sensors to link space, the aerial region, and the ground. Hancom Group is focusing on the agricultural industry, which has the biggest demand for remote sensing services, with an unequaled total-service belt. Hancom Group intends to enter the worldwide market focusing on Southeast Asia, which has a large agricultural business.

Through collaboration with companies like Hancom Lifecare, Hancom Inc., and Hancom MDS, the Hancom Group intends to increase into other data consumption capacities, like disaster management, forest resource management, and tracking of urban changes, as well as offer video data services customized to diverse needs in the public market.

Hancom InSpace as well as the Sejong-1 CubeSat in Low Earth Orbit.

Since 2012, Hancom InSpace has been delivering remote sensing image data services to satellite and unmanned drone systems through the development and maintenance of ground stations. The company has built an integrated service system that analyzes, collects, manages, and sells video data, securing an unequalled competitive position and increasing its business by owning and creating its satellites and solutions.

Sejong-1 is a low-earth-orbit CubeSat with dimensions of 20 centimetres wide, 10 centimetres long, and 30 centimetres high with a weight of only 10.8 kg. It is going to orbit Earth 14 – 16 times per day, with each orbit lasting 90 minutes, collecting image data at seven wavelengths using a 5-meter-resolution observation camera. Hancom Group expects to launch four more Sejong-series single satellites in the near future and cluster satellites with over 50 satellites for every cluster. Hancom Group will be able to subdivide worldwide observation areas, reduce data collecting times, and extend worldwide services with this degree of global coverage.

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