Valley Tech Systems, a propulsion business, has been acquired by Voyager Space

Valley Tech Systems, a business that created solid-fuelled propulsion for the long-range missiles as well as the signal processing and geolocation technology for the US military, was acquired by Voyager Space on October 4. This is the latest in a string of purchases by Voyager, which is a Denver-based space exploration firm launched in the year 2019 with the aim of being a vertically integrated space exploration firm.

According to a statement, the acquisition of the Valley Tech Systems, situated in Folsom, California, by Voyager adds vital technology to the company’s portfolio. Valley Tech’s controllable signals-intelligence and solid propulsion technologies, according to Dylan Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Voyager Space, “may help to alleviate key problem areas for space missions and create a secure and more affordable space economy.”

The Missile Defense Agency, NASA, the United States Air Force, and the United States Army have awarded Valley Tech Small Business Innovation Research contracts for reaction control technologies, next-generation propulsion, and active thruster nozzles. For the Missile Defense Agency, the business is creating a solid-propulsion subsystem for Lockheed Martin’s Next Generation Interceptor missile. Valley Tech will supply a booster rocket roll control subsystem to aid the NGI missile’s trajectory stabilization.

Unlike the conventional solid systems that do not manage ballistic thrust performance, Controllable solid propulsion technology delivers better precision and long-duration, similar to liquid propellant systems, as per a Valley Tech news release. The US military employs valley Tech’s signal processing and geolocation capabilities and data analytics in signals intelligence. According to the business, “our signals intelligence technologies enable our customers to turn signal data into knowledge that answers their intelligence questions.”

Valley Tech Systems (VTS) is a C4ISR systems, aeronautics and propulsion, and engineering solutions and consulting company. VTS aims to deliver the most advanced and inventive solutions to the most complicated problems encountered in DOD weapon systems. We use a “mission-focused” and “customer first” technical approach to these issues. Working at VTS entails interacting with industry leaders at a small firm that is accomplishing big things. Valley Tech Systems (VTS) is a small California C-Corp with offices in Sacramento, CA (C4ISR) as well as Reno, NV (Aerospace propulsion).

Voyager Space Holdings served as the pioneer in space exploration around the world. To allow humanity’s most ambitious undertakings, Voyager has objectives to improve the vertical integration and mission capabilities.

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